Aurus 7 Embouchure, Abdominal and Diaphragm- Trainer for Saxophone/Clarinet

Aurus 7

Aurus 7 Embouchure Trainer

By using the Aurus 7 and a tuner for 5-10 minutes a day, single reed players train themselves to always use these muscles and very fast air. Players will notice an immediate change in their tone with the increased air speed. The Aurus 7 is perfect for beginners who need to develop a precedent of using enough air and to avoid a biting embouchure, for casual players to remind themselves to always engage the abdominal muscles and relax their lips, or for professionals to solidify their air speed technique and teach their students the same.
The Aurus 7 is designed to fit any clarinet or saxophone mouthpiece. For more information, you can visit the Aurus 7 website.
Aurus 7 web information and buy:
Aurus 7 Diaphragm Trainer is a new product, useful for clarinetists and saxophonists. The main objective of Aurus 7 is to exercise the diaphragm thanks to him and the instrument.
1- Aurus 7 EMBOUCHURE TRAINER (Aurus 7 helps relax the lower muscles of the jaw).
2- Aurus 7 ABDOMINAL TRAINER (Aurus 7 instructs the abdominal muscles to produce air at a rate sufficient to call a note and maintain it permanently.)
3- Aurus 7 DIAPHRAGM TRAINER (helps you feel the air you need to inspire to support a note or a musical phrase)
4- Aurus7 avoids pushing the mouthpiece not too wide in your mouth and maintaining the optimal position.
This diaphragm trainer can be used by both professional and amateur musicians. In your study, it is advised to work Aurus 7 together with a metronome and a tuner; according to the manufacturer the improvement is faster.
Aurus 7 Entrenador del Diafragma es un producto nuevo, útil tanto para Clarinetistas como Saxofonistas. El objetivo principal de Aurus 7 es ejercitar el diafragma gracias a él y el instrumento.
1- Aurus 7 ENTRENADOR DE EMBOCADURA (Aurus 7 lo ayuda a relajar los músculos inferiores de la mandíbula).
2- Aurus 7 ENTRENADOR ABDOMINAL (Aurus 7 instruye a los músculos abdominales a producir aire a una velocidad suficiente para llamar a una nota y mantenerla permanentemente.)
3- Aurus 7 ENTRENADOR DE DIAFRAGMA (lo ayuda a sentir el aire que necesita inspirar para apoyar una nota o una frase musical)
4- Aurus7 evita empujar la boquilla no demasiado ancha en su boca y mantener la posición óptima.
Este entrenador del diafragma puede ser utilizado tanto por músicas profesionales como amateurs. En su estudio, se aconseja trabajar Aurus 7 junto a un metrónomo y un afinador; según el fabricante la mejora es más rápida.

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